We produce creative content that acts in synergy

A brand cannot repeat the same message twice. Our approach is to develop multiperformance, multichannel and multibranded branded content.

We build strong brands from strong partnerships

We are motivated by our clients’ aspirations and the dedication they have to their brands.

We believe that every brand has its own DNA

A brand is a concept, a point of view, a way of life – a story that must be told and continually reinvented.

We start a new type of dialogue with consumers

Each point of contact becomes a new, organic and evolving conversation – one dedicated to delivering a rewarding brand experience.

The Challenge

Position Bentley as THE back-to school destination of choice for the fall season. The objective was to create an offensive that included a strong brand message for Bentley, while celebrating the back-to-school season. A dynamic campaign was created to generate attention and engage the consumer through a strong array of assets possessing a distinct visual signature.

The Strategy

The campaign was supported by a media plan and offensive that reached a predetermined target audience - throughout their consumer journey - with an umbrella message strategically adapted to each consumer touchpoint.

The Result

Bentley delivered quality impressions and leads from the campaign's visibility across various digital channels. Of the back-to-school campaign offensives put in place to support the season, the most profitable & impactful investment stemmed from a geofencing initiative which successfully drove almost 2,000 in-store visits, after having interacted with the campaign.

At Imago, the consumer is at the centre of our actions

We’re always looking to be somewhere unexpected – with a relevant, intelligent and surprising message.

We create strong emotional ties with the consumer

This 360 strategic approach generates a deep sense of ownership with the brand.